How to get better sleep during lockdown 3.0

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We’re now over a month into the third national lockdown and a month into 2021. All of our stores are currently closed in accordance to the new Government standard rules and for many of our team, it’s a bit of a weird time. It feels like we’re in a little bit of limbo, and we’re sure that many of you feel the same way.

Of course this lockdown will be effecting everyone slightly differently, but one common issue that many people seem to be deal with is broken or unsatisfactory sleep. Here at Starplan, we have been in the bedroom furniture industry for a fair few years, and during that time we’ve picked up some hints and tips on how to improve your sleep.

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Since the majority of us are now working from home, it’s important to see how your current routine is effecting the rest of your home life. The lack of routine can really impact mental health, not to mention the stress that comes with home schooling, dealing with other work issues such as not being able to switch off.

So where do you start, when you want to bring some deep sleep back to your life?

  • Avoid phones, laptops and computers in the evening/before bed

Having a lack of routine is a major reason sleep can be effected. If you’re currently working late into the evening when you didn’t use to, it makes you unable to switch off and differentiate between work and chill time. Once you’ve finished your tasks for the day, log out and don’t switch your devices on until the next day.

  • Try to nap in the day if you can

Having a 20 to 30 minute nap is perfect to reset, relieve stress and give yourself that boost of energy you might need mid day. Anything longer and it can have a bad impact on your night time sleep. Set an alarm to be sure you don’t oversleep.

  • Take up yoga or meditation

If you can feel your anxiety or stress levels creeping up, why not try some meditation or yoga? It can be as simple as doing some deep breathing and taking some time to yourself. There are tons of online materials that are tailored to beginners and you don’t need to have any equipment.