Where do you start when creating a fitted bedroom?

Fitted bedroom

If you are looking to create your dream fitted bedroom Stoke, Starplan has the perfect solution.

We understand that renovating a bedroom can be a major investment, that’s why we try to make the process as simple on you as possible. But there is a lot to consider including, choosing the right type of fitted wardrobes, colours and materials.

But we ensure that we can maximise your space and hopefully improve the quality of time you spend in your bedroom!

So if you’re considering a brand new fitted bedroom here are a few details of the Starplan process.

Initially, the design process will start will a clear floor plan that you have all the freedom to edit and contribute to. Also, if you have an odd shape room or an ensuite, we can work around it and make it a feature! For instance, in the floor plan we would place your bed in relation to the doorway and your ensuite.

In addition, you will notice with the fitted furniture we design it always benefits your needs. And, we can design, manufacture and install beautiful bedroom furniture that fits your likes, there is no limit with Starplan!

Materials for your fitted bedroom Stoke

Moreover, when you choose Starplan for your bespoke bedroom, you can rest assured that it will be created by our professional team of designers and craftsmen. But you’ll still have full control over the materials used we use for everything in the fitted bedroom. We offer a long range of materials, finishes and effects to ensure you get a dream bedroom. The selection we offer enables you to explore the possibilities that only bespoke bedroom furniture can deliver.

Overall, if you are interested in seeing our designs or just want more information we are happy to help! So, just contact us today or pop in store; and don’t forget to book your free home design visit.