How to find your perfect bedroom furniture!

bedroom furniture

Your bedroom is the one room that you want to be able to completely unwind and relax in, and that can only happen if your bedroom furniture is comfortable and flows well in your room. We’ve come up with some easy steps to help make sure that you’ve found the perfect bedroom furniture for your bedroom!

  • Know your bedroom size and measurements

If you have a small sized bedroom, you’re going to be looking into furniture that can double up as storage eg ottoman beds. Of course fitted bedrooms are the perfect way to make the most of whatever space you have, no matter how big, small or awkwardly shaped it is!

  • Make a list of priorities

If you are completely re-doing your bedroom then you need to priorities what you need straight away and what can come after. Of course your main priority needs to be the bed and the mattress. Then you need to think about things like wardrobes and storage. Our freestanding wardrobes are currently on offer and they come with a free chest of drawers!

  • Work around a theme

This could be a colour that you’re basing things around, or even just bedroom furniture that has a modern feel to it, or is more shabby chic. Working your bedroom around a theme makes buying things so much easier.

  • Don’t forget about the little things

We mean items like picture frames, candles, light fittings. All of these little things can really make a room feel that bit more homely and cosy. After all, it is your bedroom so you can personalise it in the way you want!

Starplan bedroom furniture

Your bedroom is exactly that, it’s yours! So make sure you take the time to create a room that feels like it is you. A room that you can enjoy spending time in, not just a room to get your head down.