Get Bespoke Sliding Wardrobes in 2023 with our New Year Offer

20% off sliding door fitted wardrobes
Are you looking for Bespoke Sliding Wardrobes in 2023? our New Year Offer, has the latest 20% off All Space Saving Sliding Door Wardrobes to choose from.
Fed up with your dated and bulky free-standing wardrobe that you have had for years. Now is the time to upgrade! There are many stylish and practical modern sliding door wardrobes to choose from. Installing new wardrobes in your home won’t just help to create the perfect environment for your bedroom, but it will even raise the value of your home in some cases.

Sliding Door Wardrobes are right on Trend for 2023

Sliding wardrobes are a space-saving storage solution that blends seamlessly into any room without compromising style, giving a contemporary style to a room. Unlike traditional wardrobes with hinged doors that swing outwards, they have doors that slide sideways. Allowing you to make much better use of the space in your bedroom. They can also provide extra storage without invading your floor space.
Additionally, sliding door wardrobes are great for bedrooms of all styles and sizes. Furthermore, they are particularly well-suited to smaller rooms with limited space, with the additional benefit from Starplan, of 20% Off All Space Saving Sliding Door Wardrobes.
Moreover, sliding wardrobes with mirrors don’t just look fantastic. The glass surfaces allow the bulk of the wardrobe to disappear, and the reflection in a room helps to maximise the appearance of space with light. So not only are you getting more floor space, but it also reflects light around the room for a bigger and brighter appearance.

Buy Bespoke Sliding Wardrobes in 2023

Here at Starplan, our sliding wardrobes offer extensive design options. These include different grains, glosses, wood finishes, glass or even an image such as a beach scene or city view. Along with our additional 20% Off All Space Saving Sliding Door Wardrobes, making us the place to come and buy sliding wardrobes.

Furthermore, our sliding wardrobes are ideal for small bedrooms as they allow you to make the most of your available space. That’s why we also include extra-height doors. These sliding wardrobe doors take up less space than their regular hinged door counterparts.
And what’s more, their beautiful and bespoke designs add interest to the room and make the area feel more appealing.
So, no matter if you have a small box room or you’re blessed with a large bedroom. Our wardrobe experts will be able to create the perfect wardrobe for your room, optimising your space. We understand that everyone has different storage needs. So we have made various storage options, including the ability to customise internal storage to meet your personal needs.

Bespoke Sliding Wardrobes

We create every one of our slide robes to your specifications. As a result, it can include fully fitted storage interiors. Everything about our wardrobes is finished to your liking. Ensuring the perfect sliding wardrobes and guaranteeing you a finished project that you’ll love!
To find out more about our winter offer on sliding wardrobes. Contact us on our website by filling out our enquiry form, or if you prefer to give us a call, we’ll be happy to help!