How to correctly measure for your fitted bedroom

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We understand that times have changed and how people shop has changed now. We’re more likely to shop online rather than go to a brick and mortar store. However, when it comes to shopping for a fitted bedroom it’s not possible to order it completely online. That’s why we have adjusted all of our fitted bedroom showrooms in order to make them as safe and as socially distanced as possible.

One way in which to make your trip to one of our showrooms quicker and easier would be to bring your own bedroom measurements in. Once we have the measurements, our expert design team can then work with you to see what designs fit and work well in your space.

How to correctly measure for your fitted bedroom

First, you’ll need to draw a basic outline of your room shape. It doesn’t need to be a work of art, just a basic outline so we can grasp the shape of the room. Make sure in include any structures that would need to be worked around.

So once you’ve got the basic room outline, then it’s time to add in a little bit more detail. Things like doors, windows, radiators, fireplaces etc. Anything that would need to be worked and fitted around, anything that can’t be moved, stuff like that.

Then it’s time to start the actual measuring! Take your time and start by measuring the straightest walls first. Follow the outline of your drawing and make sure to jot down each measurement as you go. You might find it easier with the help of someone else. We don’t expect every single measurement to be bang on to the millimeter, but having measurements that are correct means we will be able to create a plan for you that both fits your budget and your room!

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