The many ways a mirrored wardrobe can enhance your room!

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A mirrored fitted wardrobe is a classic when it comes to bedroom design! It’s timeless and it’s one of the only bedroom design elements that is versatile enough and can be used in any fitted bedroom design, no matter how modern or traditional your bedroom style is.

Wardrobes fitted with a mirror are a brilliant way of increasing the amount of light that you’re currently getting in your bedroom. It doesn’t matter if it’s a few panels or even a full length mirrored wardrobe door, they can make sure a difference brightening up your room! And it doesn’t always have to be natural light. Mirrors and artificial light work just as well to create that feeling or space.

Like we’ve mentioned before, this is a timeless style which goes with every bedroom style and finish. Dark, light, gloss, matte, you name it! And you don’t need to worry if you ever decide to update your bedroom as your mirrored wardrobe will always flow with your bedroom. Especially if you chose to got with a darker styled bedroom, mirrors are the perfect way to break it up. SO whether that with a floor to ceiling mirror, perfect for checking out your outfit. Or just with some strategically placed panels to increase the light in the room.

If your room is bordering on the small side, why not use the mirrors to make it seem bigger? Not only that but a mirrored wardrobe is multi functioning! It’s storage space and an area to get ready and try on clothes all in one go.

Starplan fitted wardrobes and fitted bedrooms

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