Modern Bedrooms! #Does your bedroom need modernising?

Modern Bedrooms

Everyone can agree that a bedroom can have a traditional décor or even be old and still look good. But, not everyone loves shabby chic and some new bedroom installers will want to capture the modern look!

This Winter may be the ideal time for you to completely modernise your old bedroom. So, no matter your needs and wants, our bedroom designers are here to help you with everything from planning to applying the finishing touches.

Most importantly, getting started now could mean you will have a brand-new bedroom in time for Christmas! Or, at least early 2022. Starplan understands everything which makes a modern bedroom desirable and will be able to plan and install from our extensive modern fitted bedroom range.

Why install Modern Bedrooms?

The biggest sign of age in Bedrooms, surprisingly, is colour and pattern. Your retro wallpaper may have looked fancy in the1980s, but nowadays modern bedrooms are all about glossy fitted furniture.

Light Glossy Bedrooms are fashionable at present and the colour choices are vast, For instance, you can pick from shades of white, and greys, add hints of blue, or a touch of pink. And all of these blend into the popular colour palettes and bedroom trends.

Additionally, natural-inspired bedrooms are very desirable despite the premium price, blending wood and stone with the gloss finish will give a totally different look to gloss and mirrors.

Modern Fitted Wardrobes

Fitted Wardrobes are a necessity in every modern bedroom, saving you so much space and are visually appealing. These are not only popular in small bedrooms, but are the standard in luxury homes, especially with sliding doors. And if you need even more space, add overhead fitted cupboards to the collection!

The real advantage to any fitted bedroom is the minimalism, to make your bedroom personalised thus convenient for you. It can be so easy to crowd your new bedroom with furniture, but fitted furniture gets straight to the point. Fitted Furniture can fit into any potentially awkward corner or space and will make your room much more spacious.

Is a Fitted Bedroom worth it?

Whilst decors can change with the season and latest trends, modern bedroom furniture looks to age like fine wine. Modern decors from fifteen years ago have little to no difference in appearance to 2021 modern bedrooms. So, what’s to say your new bedroom won’t still look good in thirty years’ time?

So, it’s good to know that high gloss-fitted bedrooms will maintain their appearance for a long time. Meanwhile, a wardrobe with modern sliding doors will wear well as you have softer closing and no slamming of wardrobe doors.

Most importantly, is a modern bedroom built to last? If you are a landlord, fitted furniture will add to the value of your property, even if they’re years old. Additionally, a fitted bedroom may just be the tipping point for someone to buy or rent your house. So, a worthy investment!

Modern Bedrooms Near me

At Starplan, you will be spoilt for choice, being able to pick from 30 finishes with each fitted bedroom. Our bedroom designers and bedroom fitters are specialists in installing fitted furniture. And, are able to work within any space or specifications.

Enhance your home with a luxury fitted bedroom from Starplan, breathing brand-new life into your bedroom!

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