How to choose the right fitted bedroom colour scheme

Starplan Bedrooms Colour Scheme

So you’ve been thinking about updating your current bedroom for a while now. You might be sick of your current colour scheme. Or maybe you’ve just bought a new home and you really need to get rid of the current 70’s wall paper. But how do you decide what colour to chose next?

There is a lot to think about when it comes to the colour scheme of your bedroom. You want something that is relaxing enough so you’re able to fall asleep, but you might to want to add a pop of colour without it being too much. Colour psychology is a real thing and it can have a huge effect on you! Especially in a room that you spend a huge amount of time in. Here at Starplan, we have years of experience within the bedroom and home improvement and we want to impart some of that knowledge over to you!

Fitted Bedroom Colour Schemes

Cool toned colours (blues, greens, pastels) help to create a feeling of calm. Blue is actually known as a colour of the mind which means studies have shown that it can have an effect of us mentally. Green is a reassuring, colour of balance and red can cause us to have more of a physical reaction.

Of course all of the feelings that these colours can emote all depends on the shade. A bright, bold red can sometimes feel overstimulating for the mind. Whereas deeper red tones can bring a feeling or warmth into the room.

Another easy room decor idea is by pairing warm neutrals (think creams and oatmeal, golden tones) with deep and earthy tones. You can choose from blues, purples, reds, oranges and greens. If you want to change your bedroom with the seasons, keep the bedroom walls as minimal as possible and dress it up wit accessories. Whether that’s pillows, bedding, rugs, candles, plants, the world is your oyster when it comes to your bedroom decor!

If you’d like any more fitted bedroom hints and tricks, why not check out our news page? It’s updated on a weekly basis!