Are you taking care of your fitted bedroom and wardrobes?

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Fitted wardrobes or sliding door wardrobes can be a big expense. But, it’s something that is going to be in your home for a good few years. So it makes sense to try and take care of your fitted bedroom furniture to make it last as long as possible.

Fitted wardrobes

One easy way of taking care of your wardrobes, fitted or sliding, is just by keeping it clean. If you’ve gone for a mirror or gloss finish, finger prints and smudges can soon build up. It’s as simple as using a buffing cloth to get rid of these marks. You’ll be keeping your bedroom furniture looking as good as new!

If you’ve decided to go for sliding door wardrobes then you need to be aware of bits of debris getting in between the rollers. That could actually cause some serious damage on the way the doors slide. If you can, use a soft bristled brush to regularly sweep between the runners to make sure nothing is stuck in there.

Don’t forget to wipe down the insides as well. It can get surprisingly dusty in there, so it’s worth keeping it clean so your clothes don’t get effected as well.

One easy little tip to help keep your fitted bedroom Belfast interiors clean is through the use of using wardrobe fresheners. You can buy specific freshers. Or, you can create your own! Either using scented tumble dryer sheets or small hanging organza bags filled with washing machine scent balls.

Starplan fitted bedroom Belfast

If your current fitted bedroom situation is looking a little bit down beat and a bit of elbow grease just isn’t going to cut it, then why not come down to our showrooms today? We have six showroom across Northern Ireland, to find your closest showroom click here!