Follow the trend with a grey fitted bedroom!

fitted bedroom

If you want to keep right on trend, then a grey fitted bedroom is for you! It might sound dull, or a little bit boring but trust us and our bedroom experience. You can mix and match grey with other different shades of grey, brighter colours, different finishes and other soft furnishing.

Modern fitted bedroom

So if you’re looking for a modern styled grey then going for gloss grey finishes on your wardrobes, drawers and cabinets is the one for you. Having gloss finishes give a contemporary feel to the room. We have a range of grey gloss fitted bedroom finishes including Cashmere, Stone, Light Grey and Graphite. If you’re lucky enough to get a lot of natural light streaming into your bedroom, then gloss finishes will work to your advantage. The light will bounce off the gloss and make the room feel brighter, bigger and airer.

Sliding door wardrobes

If you’re looking to save some space and go for sliding door wardrobes! You can customise the storage interior whilst still looking as stylish as possible! Using our interactive sliding door wardrobe planner you can mix and match your doors, finishes and even choose whether you’d like a mirror in it or not.

Traditional fitted bedrooms

If you’re more the traditional kind, then grey can still work! We do have a range of traditional styled fitted bedrooms that come with a gloss finish however if you want to go very tradition with a wood finish, then why not accessories your room with grey? Grey pillows, bed covers, curtains and soft finishings. Grey compliments so many colours, both bright and neutral. SO what every you decide to go with in your fitted bedroom, grey would work perfectly.

Starplan – bedroom furniture

If your bedroom is looking a little bit out of date, why not get in touch with one of our team today? We’ll be able to help get you back on trend!