Care Guidelines For Axiom Work Surfaces

Dishwashers and Washing Machines
Every Axiom worktop is supplied factory sealed along the front underside edge.

Integrated dishwashers and washing machines emit steam and moisture on a regular basis. It is recommended that extra protection should be given to worktops which have these appliances underneath. Extra sealant or a baffle plate should be placed on the underside of the worktop for extra protection. Consult the appliance manufacturer for further details.
Axiom worktops are rigorously tested in line with British and European standards to ensure that they meet the exacting requirements of any modern kitchen. Every Axiom worktop therefore incorporates specific features which make it highly resistant to heat, impact, scratching and moisture. Our decorative laminates are tested to a temperature of 180ºC. Boiling water and cooking splashes will therefore do no harm to the surface of the worktop. All Axiom worktops are effectively sealed to protect the core from moisture along the front and back edges.
General cleaning of the surface requires only a damp cloth and a mild detergent or non-abrasive cleaner diluted in warm water. Abrasive scouring powders, creams and even polishes should be avoided. If the worktop has a textured surface, a soft nylon nailbrush can be used to ensure a more thorough cleaning. Potentially persistent stains should be removed immediately. For Gloss worktops, buff the surface after cleaning with a soft cloth. Due to the delicate nature of Gloss surfaces, they may scratch more easily, which means additional care must be taken.

Things To Do And Things To Avoid

Things to avoid

Lifetime Guarantee of Quality
Formica Group offers a lifetime guarantee for any Axiom® worktop which is shown to be defective in either materials or manufacture only, and will undertake to replace any worktop with a manufacturing defect. Due to the inherent properties of Gloss and Platinum Etchings laminate, Formica Group cannot accept any responsibility for the performance of the laminate surface.
PLEASE NOTE: The lifetime guarantee becomes void once the post formed edge has been cut off.
PLEASE NOTE: This installation and maintenance guide has been developed for guidance only. Formica Group cannot accept responsibility for the final fitting of your worktop. Colour and surface finish should be checked before installation. Formica Group will not accept any claims for re-fitting costs resulting from mis-matched surface colours or finishes.