Information on Fitted Bedrooms

Bedroom wardrobes

Information on Fitted Bedrooms

Are you looking information on Fitted Bedrooms? And desperately seeking more storage space in your bedroom? You’re not alone! Wardrobes across the UK are bursting with clothes, shoes and whatever else we can cram in. Due to this, freestanding wardrobes compound the problem because they don’t make the most of space or allow for customisation.

Indeed, an effortless way to boost your bedroom storage is with Starplan’s fitted bedroom furniture. They instantly create more space and are available in sizes and finishes to suit all sorts of spaces.


Fitted Bedroom Furniture?

Here at Starplan our fitted wardrobes are made to measure, meaning they fit perfectly in the space you have available. Also, our well-designed fitted bedroom can revolutionise your space, making it tidy, clutter-free, and altogether more relaxing. In addition, eliminates the unclean aesthetics as well as gaps that are created with free standing wardrobes. Therefore, bespoke fitted wardrobes are a luxurious alternative to free standing wardrobes.

Here at Starplan we have over 40 years of experience within the furniture industry. This experience has allowed us to create and offer luxury fitted bedroom furniture at affordable prices

We design and build bespoke fitted wardrobes in a range of beautiful traditional and contemporary styles for bedrooms of all shapes and sizes. Whilst offering a range of clothing storage solutions to suit your space. Starplan’s bespoke designs for fitted bedroom furniture maximise every millimetre of your space, creating the perfect bedroom storage solution wherever you need it.


Choosing a Fitted Bedroom

Wondering what means fitted bedroom? A fitted bedroom has many advantages. At Starplan, we design and build bespoke fitted bedroom furniture that matches the exact dimensions of your room. Not only does this mean you get ample storage space, but it also gives the room a touch of sophistication and beauty.

The choice is vast when it comes to planning a bedroom. You can choose from sliding wardrobes, fitted wardrobes and built-in wardrobes So, look at our impressive range of bedroom furniture.


Fitted Wardrobes Worth It?

From a practical and aesthetical perspective, fitted wardrobes offer the most effective and efficient way to make use of the space within your bedroom. Furthermore, research has shown adding fitted wardrobes to your property can potentially increase the value of your home. As a result, a new fitted bedroom will attract buyers as this is seen as a luxury feature.


What do Bedroom Fitters do?

A bedroom fitter will be responsible for overseeing and completing all activities involved in installing and fitting a bedroom. Starplan provide a free design service from our expert designers. Then we produce all the fixtures, fittings, and accessories to completion of all aspects of any bedroom project. Along with qualified fitters who will carefully install your fitted bedroom. Giving you that peace of mind of a high-quality build and fitments that will last for years

As well as that, all our fitted bedroom furniture comes with a ten-year manufacturing guarantee. Therefore, to try and help keep your Starplan bedroom in the best possible condition.