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Here at Starplan, we strive to provide the best when it comes to helping you achieve that bedroom of which you have always dreamt. Whether it’s a fitted or free-standing wardrobe, we ensure our products are of the best quality. As well as this, we have an excellent customer support and sales team who work alongside our team of fabulous Bedroom Designers.

Are You Looking For Bedroom Designers and Fitters?

We specialise in all manners of fitted bedrooms. So, if you are looking for a bedroom furniture company that can create a space that meets your personal requirements and room specifications, then you have come to the right place!

All our bespoke fitted wardrobes will start off as a plan developed by you and our expert designers. Once you have settled on your ideal fitted bedroom, we then produce all the fixtures, fittings and accessories made to measure for your fitted bedroom installation.

In addition, we provide free fitting on all bedroom furniture, by our expert team of fitters.

So, take a look at our impressive range of bedroom furniture. The choice is huge! You can choose from sliding wardrobes, fitted wardrobes, built-in wardrobes or if you’re looking for bespoke fitted wardrobes, then you will know that we’re worth a visit!

What Is the Standard Depth of a Fitted Wardrobe in England?

It’s recommended that a standard depth fitted wardrobes is around 66-67 cm and the minimum depth should not be less than 61cm. However, here at Starplan, we have our own factory, based in England, which means we can cut out the go-between and make our own furniture products.

This means we can create truly bespoke fitted bedrooms, without being affected by any sizing or measurement restrictions.

Why Choose Sliding wardrobes and slide robe interiors

Our sliding wardrobes at Starplan offers a wide range of unique design options, which include different grains, glosses, wood finishes, glass, or images such as a beach scene or city view.

So, whether you’re looking for a much-needed hint of colour or want to bring a full mirror experience into your bedroom, We can create storage that fits every personality, style, to your specification and budget. As a result, we include fully fitted slide robe interiors.

Low Maintenance Free Standing Sliding Door Wardrobes UK

Furthermore, here at Starplan, we know that people have busy lives. That’s why our fitted and free standing sliding door wardrobes have been developed so that they are easy to clean and dust-free.

Starplan has included extra height doors, to make the most of all the space that’s available. So, if you have a small box room or a large bedroom, our wardrobe experts will be able to create the wardrobe that you’ve always wanted.

Not forgetting our ten-year guarantee, with up to 4 years of interest-free finance and free-fitting service.

We design it, we make it, we sell it and fit it!

Get Booking Your Bedroom Design Today!

We want to make your journey with us as simple and as easy as possible, and of course, enjoyable.

So, if you haven’t done already, get in touch and speak to our friendly and experienced team members and book in your free, no obligations bedroom design.

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