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If your child keeps asking you for a grown-up bedroom, or a room they can work in as well as sleep in. Then, look no further, our boys cabin beds have everything you need to help create a room that your child will enjoy spending time in. Here at Starplan, we know space is always a key factor for a children’s bedroom, no matter how old your child is, that’s why we aim to deliver the highest quality fitted children’s bedrooms to our customers.

With over 40 years of experience, Starplan is the bedroom specialist, with a team that has the skills to tackle any bedroom.

Are You Looking For Boys Cabin Bed Ideas?

A cabin bed is an excellent choice for a boy’s bedroom – not only does it provide a comfortable sleeping place but also it adds storage and a play area. A boys cabin bed UK is a raised bed that usually comes with built-in storage solutions underneath.

Boy’s cabin beds with storage are usually not too high and are suitable for a wide range of ages. Starplan also has boy’s cabin beds with desk areas, which are perfect for homework or play, making them a fun and practical addition to any children’s bedroom and an excellent space saver.

If you are planning on decorating a small bedroom, then a boy’s single cabin bed is the perfect way to maximise the available space. Our designers can work around any limitations and specifications to give you a bedroom to be proud of.

What Age Can a Child Sleep in a Cabin Bed?

Unsure what cabin bed is suitable for your child? A cabin bed is suitable for most ages, however, if you are looking for a boy’s high sleeper cabin bed, due to the height, it is worth noting that they are designed for children aged 6 years and above. This is due to safety regulations and the design being accessed by either a ladder or steps.

Also, boys’ cabin beds with slides and boys’ cabin beds with tents, tend to be mid and high-sleepers which would be appropriate for older children and teens. However, there are certain styles such as the boy’s low cabin beds which are suitable for younger children.

Check Out Kids Cabin Bed Fitted Bedroom at Starplan, You Won’t Be Disappointed!

Starplan’s kid’s cabin-style fitted bedroom is available in over thirty different combination colours and finishes which means your child can personalise their bedroom and is a fantastic way to get them involved with creating their new bedroom.

Our kid’s cabin-style fitted bedrooms boast a magnificent glossy appearance, a modern look that last years. Also, thankfully for you, our fitted bedrooms are easy to clean and maintain, even with our boys’ white cabin bed.

Additionally, our boys cabin bed with wardrobes and storage are especially popular for bedrooms with limited space, making the most of the space you have.

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