How to brighten up your fitted bedroom

fitted bedroom

Having natural light and good lighting is more important than people realise! That is until you actually have a room that has awful lighting and it seems like a mammoth task to brighten it up without the use of harsh, overly bright lighting. Here are our foolproof tips and tricks to help brighten a room without having to do any major work on it.

How to brighten up your fitted bedroom

  • Bright colours

The main decorating style that seems to never seems to run out of style is neutral tones. Whether that’s greys, creams or white. But of course, that isn’t for everyone. If you’re someone who enjoys bringing some colour into your home, then bring in a bold wall paper. That touch of colour can really open up a room.

  • Mirrors

One super simple way of making a room bigger and brighter is by through the use of mirrors! Work with mirrors in a range of sizes and shapes. The more unique the mirror is, the more dimension it has. It could also be a major feature in your room. Thanks to the way light bounces off them, they’re perfect for putting on walls that are missing that openness.

  • Metallics

Metallic finishes tends to have a brightening effect. Not to mention, they can add a touch of glamour and chic to your fitted bedroom. So whether that’s through the use of mirrors with a metallic frame, metallic door handles or a chair with a metallic armrest!

Starplan Fitted Bedrooms

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