Why buy your next fitted bedroom from Starplan?

fitted bedroom

For almost 50 years, we here at Starplan, have specialised in fitted bedroom design. We have become known for our exceptional fitted bedroom designs and installation services across the North West and the Midlands.

Fitted bedrooms have become very popular, as the designs have grown and developed. They can bring a modern look to houses making them a desirable quality to any home. Not to mention they definitely add value to a home in more than just price. These cost-effective and long term investments won’t just allow you a bedroom you’re proud to love, but will ensure when you come to sell you get your money back on the space.

Both online and in-store, our design teams offer many different fitted bedroom services. We have rich knowledge when it comes to bedroom design, which means we are able to answer any questions from simple maintainability to longevity and cost-efficiency.

What are the advantages to choosing a Starplan Fitted Bedroom?

The first answer to this will always be making the most out of the space you have! Fitted bedrooms have become a staple in most modern homes as they are able to save so much space. You won’t be needing your old freestanding drawers and wardrobes anymore. Instead, you can open up your bedroom to make it feel and look much bigger – making it a no-brainer in smaller bedrooms. A fitted bedroom can give you much more storage space as well. With built-in drawers and closets opening up more space for old clothes, many shoes, anything you need! The craftsmanship is remarkable.

A fitted bedroom is handcrafted to meet your needs and desires. As a result, you can add your own personal flair and style to your bedroom to provide a much more homely feel, which can also add economic value to your home, as well as personal convenience.

Starplan has showrooms in Sale, Wednesbury, Warrington, and Cannock. To get in contact with your local Starplan Fitted Bedroom Showroom, please click here.