Do you have to choose between stylish and practical when it comes to your bedroom?

fitted bedroom bolton

When it comes to fitted bedrooms many people think they have to choose between with style or practicality. Well we’re here to say that we don’t believe that! Here at Starplan, we create bedrooms that tick both those and many more of your boxes.

Fitted bedroom

Years ago, having fitted furniture meant there was a few limited designs, limited finishes and your bedroom had to be a certain size or shape for the furniture to fit. But now we’re able to create bedrooms that are able to fit even the most awkward of spaces (like our sloped wardrobes.) We have a huge range of fitted bedrooms, both modern, traditional and a mix of both.

Modern bedroom designs –

Some of our most modern and popular designs include the Newport, Davenport and Madrid. They all come in a range of colours and finishes, which can be personalised to your taste.

Traditional bedroom designs –

These bedrooms tend to have a wooden finish, but can come in a range of colours like our Odessa in porcelain, the Lisbon in tobacco and the Paris in dust grey.

So now you’ve chosen the stylish, it’s time to think about the practical!

We’re able to design the interior storage to your needs. So for example, if you have an impressive jewelry collection, then we can create a pull out storage system which showcases it all off. Similar for your clothing, if you have more shirts, jumpers etc then we will create wardrobes with more hanging space to be able to fit everything in.

Our fitted bedroom designers have years of experiences under their belts, which means they’re able to create a bedroom that works for you. It’s not only their job, but it’s their passion! That’s why they take the upmost care and attention to creating every single bedroom.