Why choose a Starplan fitted bedroom?

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If you are looking at getting a new fitted bedroom for your home then Starplan is the perfect place for you. Both our showrooms and our website is full of inspiration and designs that you can see for yourself. Also, our extensive showrooms are open for the majority of the week, and they’re loaded with creative ideas and lots of choice.

If you visit us, you will be guaranteed a our warm welcome from our friendly expert staff. They are on hand to provide as much advice and guidance as you need


What is included in our fitted bedrooms?

  • Custom-built wardrobes

A fitted bedroom can include cabinets, chest, custom-built wardrobes and a dressing table of your choice. And, we are flexible with the wardrobe area of a bedroom as it can be constructed in different ways!

  • Fill the awkward gaps

Furthermore, our fitted bedrooms will ensure that there won’t be any annoying gaps that are useless in your room! Our designers make sure to make the most of whatever awkward room shapes you might have. For example, we commonly put storage in the gaps or other great furniture that we know you will love!

  • Bedroom furniture guarantee

All of our bedroom furniture comes with a 10 year guarantee against all manufacturing defects or installation issues for up to 10 years after the work has been completed. Of course there is a little bit of small print that goes along with our warranties that can be found here.

Starplan Fitted Bedrooms Showrooms

So, if you are interested in getting yourself a brand new fitted bedroom; choose Starplan as we keep you informed about what is happening from start to finish. You can come to a store local to you or contact us here 0800 652 5395 to book a free fitted bedroom design call! Our team also carry out no obligation, socially distanced home design visits.