How to create a children’s fitted bedroom that grows with them

fitted bedroom

It’s hard to choose how to decorate your child’s bedroom isn’t it?¬† You want something that they’re going to like all throughout their childhood while their tastes are constantly changing. And you don’t want to be re-decorating the room year in and year out. So here’s our guide on how to create a fitted bedroom that they can’t grow out of.

Children’s fitted bedroom

You can easily and cheaply replace and update the bedroom with the use of removable wall stickers, hanging photos and even cushions. Personalised cushion cases are all the trend now and they can be swapped around and changed as much as needed.

Starting off with a timeless colour scheme makes sure that you don’t need to re-paint the bedroom as your child goes in and out of phases. Something neutral always works best and they can be brightened up with bedroom accessories.

Of course cute infant sized furniture is lovely to look at and play with, it won’t be long before they’ve grown out of it and want the next trending toy. So pre-empt the future and let our design team create the perfect fitted bedroom that will grow with your child. Furniture like desks, storage units and built in drawers will always come in handy at any age! When you’re thinking about the future of your child’s bedroom then think about what life long pieces you could buy. This is why we’ve mentioned fitted bedrooms as they’re something that can stay in the room for years on end.

If you’re interested in updating your child’s bedroom or even your own bedroom with fitted furniture, why not get in touch with one of our expert team members today? They have years of experience in dealing with all manner of bedrooms, no matter how big or small the space. So what are you waiting for? Get in touch today!