How to create cosy styled kitchens Portadown!

kitchens portadown

We’ve said before and we will more than likely say it again, the kitchen is the heart of your home. It’s the room that needs the most amount of thought when you’re designing it. Or it can be the room that makes or breaks a house when you’re interested in buying it. So if it’s time to upgrade your kitchens Portadown, it’s important that you decide on a theme that flows and suits the rest of your home.

You want your kitchen to be homely, warm and inviting don’t you? Well read on to find out how you can add that feeling of ‘cosyness’ into your bedroom.

Kitchens Portadown

Wood is normally linked to more traditionally styled kitchens. However, it can be paired with more contemporary and modern kitchen materials to soften their appearance. Wood is versatile as well. All you need to do is sand off the current finish then you’re free to mix it up and freshen up your kitchen again.

Warmer/autumnal colours are perfect when to comes to creating something homely. It also works hand in hand with wood and natural materials. Matte finishes offer a softer look whereas gloss reflects any natural light beautifully.

Use accessories that work well with their surroundings. Antique and vintage pots and pans, rugs or even tableware makes the room feel lived in but stylish at the same time. The kitchen is the place in which fashion and function meet so it’s the perfect place to push the boat out with your accessories.

Don’t be tempted to buy low watt bulbs to add that cosy feel to your kitchens Portadown. They’re not very practical when it comes to actually cooking in the kitchen. So why not chose higher wattage light bulbs just in a different shade instead of bright white? Or you could even put in a dimmer switch and be able to chose how bright you want the light to be in your kitchen?

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If you would like any more information or handy hints and tips about kitchen design, why don’t you get in contact with one of our kitchen design team today?