How to create the perfect guest or spare fitted bedrooms

Fitted bedrooms

It’s always important to make guests feel as welcome as possible when they come round to visit or even stay over at your home. However, the guest bedroom tends to be the one room in the house that gets neglected or forgotten about until it needs to be used. Then it’s that mad scramble around to tidy the room up! You need to get it looking presentable and quickly. Here at Starplan Fitted Bedrooms, we’ve come up with a few easy ways to make sure that your guest room is as comfortable and as welcoming as it could possibly be!

Guest bedroom

The first thing to do is to look at the room from an outside point of view. It may be a part of your home, but it needs to be able to make your guest feel like they are welcome and not intruding or overstaying their welcome. The actual size of your spare room doesn’t matter, as long as you can create the illusion of space. Get rid of anything that you don’t need. Or find somewhere else to store it, maybe in a shed or garage. This then creates space for items you do need, like the bed and some storage.

Fitted bedrooms and sliding door wardrobes are the perfect way to add bespoke and specialised storage solutions to your room. Sliding door wardrobes are the perfect way to save space and they can be created to fit whatever space you have.

Finally, don’t forget about the actual bed! A decent bed or even a decent sofa bed will be much appreciated by your guest! Make sure the bed that they sleep on is a bed that you would be happy to sleep on as well!

Starplan Fitted Bedrooms

So if your spare bedroom is in need of some TLC, why not come into one of our showrooms? Let us transform your bedrooms into a space that anyone and everyone can enjoy!