What to consider when it comes to designing a glossy kitchen!

Fitted kitchens showroom

Our fitted kitchens showroom are filled with a range of kitchens, some modern and contemporary and some more traditional. But at the moment, we’re seeing a big rise in interest in gloss fitted kitchens. Gloss cabinets and work surfaces create a cool vibe but you need to keep a few things in mind when it comes to designing your kitchen!

Glossy Kitchen showroom

Neutral gloss colours are the perfect way to add a subtle shine to the room. So that includes colours like cream, light grey, light blue or even yellow! Natural light will just bounce off these surfaces making the whole kitchen feel lighter and brighter.

Or if you’re looking for something bright and eye catching, colours like blue, red and purple are great for the heart of your home! We’d suggest that if you do go for bright cabinets, then it’s best to let them do all the talking and use plain walls etc. Matching gloss cabinets with a wooden worktop works surprising well, however if you want an uber modern look, stick to all gloss!

Our kitchen designers try to create your kitchen with the idea of incorporating as much natural light as possible. But that isn’t always as easy as it seems, so it’s worth think about other alternative lighting methods. If you want bright crisp light, why not think about installing spot LED lights in the ceiling? Or if you want something softer, why not look into strip lighting places underneath your cabinets? Ceiling lighting works really well with gloss kitchen island worktops.

Starplan Fitted Kitchens

If all this talk about fitted glossy kitchen designs has got you in the mood to update your current kitchen situation, why not head down to your local fitted kitchens showroom? We have six showrooms scattered around Northern Ireland and you can find your local showroom here!