Looking to add a dining area to your fitted kitchen?

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Adding a dining area to your existing kitchen is becoming an increasing popular choice. More and more of the customers who come into our fitted kitchens showroom are looking to create a kitchen/diner space rather than two separate areas. So if you’re interested in creating a kitchen/diner then you have a few options waiting for you.

Breakfast Bar

Okay, we know it’s called a breakfast bar but who’s to stop you using it for any meal you like? If you’ve already got a kitchen island then you’re half way there to getting a breakfast bar. They’re perfect if you’re looking for something with a more informal and casual feel than the traditional sitting around a table. It’s also more practical! You’re already making use of something that you’ve got if you don’t have the room to add something else into the space.

Dining Table

If you’re lucky then you might have room to have a kitchen table in a completely separate room. Keeping the kitchen and the dining room as two separate rooms gives a clear division between the two and can stop unnecessary visits from people while you’re busy in the kitchen. However, if you’re looking for something more open plan than putting the dining table in the kitchen. This creates a more causal feel and allows people to flow from one section to the other.

Banquette Seating

Now if you’re looking to really push the boat out, you could do that with some luxury banquette seating! This type of eating in created to be incorporated into your kitchen island. You can also use the seating as extra under seat storage!

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So if you’re interested in creating a fitted kitchen/dining area, our expert kitchen designers are on hand to work with you and create something bespoke to you.