Is your fitted bedroom cosy enough for Winter?

fitted bedroom

Here at Starplan, all of our team are working through the winter to give you, our customers their dream fitted bedroom. So, we have some tips that may be useful in making your bedroom to get as cosy as possible! And, we offer all of the ideas we mention here in our fitted bedroom showrooms. So why not work with us Starplan, to cosy up your bedrooms this winter!


  • Windows

You can start making your bedroom cosier by saving all of the warmth in your room. Curtains that you can dress your windows with to ensure the warm air is kept in are perfect for these cooler temperatures! For instance, heavy fabric curtains are a great way to insulate the room in winter as they help to block draughts and heat loss.


  • Lighting

Moreover, you can switch up your lighting to make your bedroom look and feel completely different. For example, you can change your bulbs to warm white rather than your regular to allow your room to feel more peaceful! Also, you can add candles around the room, which will make it feel calmer instantly.


  • Your Bed

Of course you may not be able to switch out your whole mattress or pillows. But, you can change out what you put on top of them! So, your bed will be much healthier to sleep in during the winter. Such as, organic cotton or hemp pillow protectors and mattress protector and choose cotton or linen to allow all the warmth to stay within your bed while your sleeping.


  • Rugs

Finally, if your bedroom has wooden floors, you need to invest in a cosy rug, for the cosiest feeling of all. It will help insulate and absorb sound in the room as well as keep your feet comfortable. If you hear an echoes in your room a thick rug will help get rid of the sound, similar to what a carpet does.

Starplan Fitted Bedroom

In conclusion, if you are interested in getting a cosy winter fitted bedroom from Starplan come to our store today! Or you can contact us here!