Why it’s important to pick out the right bedroom furniture

fitted bedroom cannock

A bedroom is much more than just a bed, or a place to get your head down overnight. It’s a room that can be completely dressed and designed to your standard. It’s your special place, your boudoir to relax in.The one room in which you are meant to be able to completely unwind and be yourself. Here at Starplan Fitted Bedroom Showroom Cannock, we have a team of expert bedroom designer fitters who are there to help you plan and create your dream fitted bedroom.

Picking out the right bedroom furniture is the best way to help compliment the entire theme of the bedroom and that’s where we come in to help!

Fitted bedroom furniture showroom Cannock

If you want to get more from your fitted bedroom, then why not think about getting a matching dressing table and mirror? It’s perfect for extra storage and adds a touch of glamour.

Many of our fitted bedroom furniture finishes can be matched with our chest of drawers and bedside tables. Not only are they both another source of storage, they can also be customised to your fitted bedroom theme. If you putting together something modern, fresh and sleek then gloss will be your new best friend! But if you’re looking for something with a cosy feeling then a wooden grain finish could be more your taste.

One final piece of bedroom furniture that people seem to forget about is the headboard. The headboard can be something that can turned into a focal point. It’s important to take into account how the headboard you choose will look with the overall theme of your bedroom.

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Here at Starplan, we have over 40 years of experience within the fitted bedroom and home improvement industry. This experience means that our team are able to help you with creating the perfect bedroom, down to the smallest of details.