Fitted Bedroom Benefits

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So you’re planning to upgrade your current bedroom furniture, but how do you decide whether to choose fitted bedroom furniture or freestanding furniture?

Here at Starplan Fitted Bedroom Furniture, we provide both styles of bedroom furniture. But this blog is all about the positives of fitted bedroom furniture and why you need fitted furniture in your bedroom!

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What exactly is fitted furniture?

A fitted wardrobe, or fitted bedroom furniture is a piece of furniture that made to measure for your specific room size. They are completely bespoke to your needs. It can really make the most of whatever space you have available, no matter how big or small.

When we say bespoke, we mean a bespoke exterior and interior as well. You’re able to choose the colour, finish and trim you’d like your bedroom furniture in. You’re also able to choose what interior storage solutions you need. Say if you’ve got an impressive amount of shirts, you can reduce your shelves and increase your hanging space.

But how are you making sure that you’re buying the right fitted bedroom furniture? There are a few things you need to think about. What colour scheme will the rest of your bedroom be? How many other people will be using the wardrobe? What space will your fitted furniture take up? All these are important points need to be considered when deciding what fitted furniture to choose from.

If you’re still on the fence about deciding whether or not to choose fitted bedroom furniture, here are some of the other key advantages.

  • Easy to clean – Gone are the days in which you needed to awkwardly clean above or behind your wardrobe. Fitted furniture completely gets rid of this issue.
  • More efficient – You can maximise your bedroom and really get the most out of it with fitted bedroom furniture since it’s all created to be ceiling to floor.
  • Completely customisable – This including the exterior as well as the interior. And if you really want to push the boat out and bring a feeling of luxury to your wardrobe, why not add customised internal lighting?

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