Fitted Bedroom Stoke on Trent – Clever storage solutions for small spaces!

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If you have a busy house, of course, you will want to make the most out of every space you have! Whether you’re left with a box room that’s a bit too small to be classed as a single bedroom or some awkward under-stair space, we’ve got the perfect idea on how to utilise the space to the best of its potential. As a company, we have been in the fitted bedroom and furniture industry for over 40 years. During that time, we’ve grown into a successful fitted bedroom and furniture company. And now we think it’s only fair that we pass over what we have learned to our customers!

Fitted bedroom Stoke on Trent, storage solutions

Nearly everyone is stuck with an awkward amount of space under the stairs. Not many people actually put time and effort into creating a useful space. But one easy way is just to install some fitted racks, drawers or even shelving. That means you can easily store things there! So if you have barely used appliances cluttering up your kitchen, toys scattered around the living room or books here, there and everywhere, this could be the perfect place to store them!

When it comes to children’s rooms, we all know that space is a commodity that you probably won’t have enough of. So why not look into getting a cabin bed? The raised bed allows space underneath for a small play area/study area. The extra floor space then lends itself to more room for shelves, cupboards, and in general just more storage space.

However, if it’s your bedroom you’re struggling for space in, why not look into getting a fitted bedroom in Stoke on Trent? It’s the perfect way to encompass style and storage! Here at Starplan, our bedroom designers have been trained to be able to work with the most awkward sizes and make the most out of them!

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