4 benefits of a fitted wardrobe

Cashmere And Stone Sliding Door Wardrobe

If you’re looking to upgrade your current bedroom storage solutions, then it might be time to upgrade to some fitted wardrobes. Here at Starplan Fitted Bedrooms, we have been in the home interior industry for decades. We have seen the different bedroom trends come and go. But there have been 4 key benefits that have followed fitted wardrobes and made them so popular for so long.

Fitted Wardrobes Benefits

  • Budget

Since fitted wardrobes are created bespoke to your room size and your needs, it can also be created to fit around your budget. It’s completely customised to you! Our bedroom designers have years of experience in order to create your dream fitted wardrobes.

  • Bespoke

As mentioned above, we create all fitted bedrooms bespoke to your needs. That includes the colour and finish of your wardrobes. As well as the internal storage solutions and any extras including mirrors, extra lighting and any extra decorations.

If you’re someone with a huge collection that needs a home, or you’re an accessory hoarder, then we can create a wardrobe that can accommodate all of these.

  • Space saving

Fitted wardrobes and fitted bedrooms are created to make the most out of whatever space you have available.They tend to be fitted floor to ceiling in order to make as much use of the room as possible. And they can even be built around slanted or sloped ceilings.

  • Investment

It might be a long way off for some, but when it comes to selling your home in the future, having a fitted bedroom or fitted wardrobes can be seen as a massive plus. It’s an investment piece, and having extra storage can never be a bad thing! For any prospective buyer, it also means one less piece of heavy furniture that they don’t need to purchase and built themselves.

Fitted Bedrooms

So if you’re looking to update your current bedroom storage situation, then look no further than Starplan Fitted Bedrooms! Why not find your local showroom here?