How to style your bedroom for summer.

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So it’s far to say that Summer is well and truly here, and no one in the Starplan office is complaining about the amount of sun we’re currently receiving. You’ve probably got your garden ready for those long summer evenings, but what about your fitted bedroom Bolton? On average you spend a third of your life asleep/in you bedroom, so it’s time to shake up your bedroom style for summer!

Fitted Bedrooms Bolton

Having a white or cream minimalist bedroom is the perfect canvas to build up on. You can add colour, print and patterns to create that perfect seasonal palette. Using plants, bedding, rugs and lighting is a simple way to change up your bedroom theme, in a non permanent way. However, if you’re looking for some more permanent change, then read on..

Bold and bright wallpaper is definitely an eye-catching way to add the sense of summer into your room. Why not push the boat out with your choice of wallpaper, and use it to create a feature wall! If your feature wall is behind the bed, it will create a bright embrace, welcoming you into the room!

Or if wallpapering isn’t one of your talents, why not revert to paint instead? You can mix and match your walls to give off a summer vibe and you could even add some vinyl wall designs to add that extra personal touch.

The sun is out, so why not make the most of it by installing lighter curtains, they’ll let in that that morning sun and allow fresh air to circulate in your bedroom. Waking up to natural sun, as opposed to artificial lighting like lamps, is a more calming way to start your day!

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Why not take a look though our fitted bedrooms for some inspiration? And remember, our team are always on hand to help with any bedroom questions or queries you may have!