How can your bedroom help improve your sleep?

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Are you struggling to get that perfect night’s sleep? Well your bedroom could be impacting that! So we’ve come up with a few hints and tips based around fitted bedroom designs that could help you sleep that little bit easier!

Fitted bedrooms Cannock

Our body clocks tend to line up with the natural light, so when it’s night time and dark your body knows to sleep, then to wake up when it gets light. But during the summer months when it starts to get light quite early, this could knock your body clock out of sync. One easy way to deal with that is through the use of blackout blinds. They’ll help keep your room dark, and come in a range of different shades, patterns and styles. If black out blinds/curtains are too much for your room, why not double up on your curtains/blinds to control the amount of light entering the room.

The colour of your room can also have an impact on your sleep without you even knowing. Colours such as reds, yellows and oranges are associated with energising and awakening, where as greens and blues are meant to calm, depending on the shade. Pastels are always a good choice for a bedroom, and if you are a fan of bright colours, try to use them in moderation. Use them as accents to make the room pop!

And finally, why not think of using natural and organic elements in your bedrooms? Having plants in your bedroom is a great way to bring a little bit of nature and the outdoors into your home. It can make a nice feature piece, and many plants can also help improve your air quality which can help you sleep easier.

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Of course there could be many other things that could be affecting your sleep, your bed and mattress is another! We’re currently offering 20% off all divan beds in store, so why not come and visit your local showroom today?