Fitted bedrooms Warrington – does your teenager need a more ‘grown up’ room now?

Fitted bedrooms Warrington

So you’re looking to update your child’s bedroom, but you want to create something that is different and catered to their personality. Then do we have some fitted bedrooms Warrington ideas for you! It’s important to remember that their bedrooms are an expression and extension of themselves! But of course, bedrooms need to be practical at the same time.

Fitted bedrooms Warrington

An easy way for them to inject some personality into their rooms is through the decoration, whether that’s a feature wall with some funky patterned printed wallpaper or bright paint. Or why not even let them create their own mural? Decals and vinyl stickers are now becoming very popular; so if they don’t want something that is as permanent, this could be another option to look into.

The texture is important in all fitted bedrooms Warrington. So spend time choosing the perfect bedroom accessories like rugs, bedding and curtains. The hanging curtain trend is going from strength to strength and is an easy and stress-free way to create a feature wall!

And finally, everyone knows that teenagers and tidy rooms don’t go together! So why not make it easier for them to try and keep it to an acceptable level of ‘messy’ with different storage items? So whether it’s just extra drawers or rails that clothes can be thrown into/on, or under bed storage systems, it will all end up being useful! Why not look into storage benches or ottomans? They combine storage with being a practical piece of furniture in the room.

Starplan Bespoke Fitted Wardrobes

Here at Starplan, we pride ourselves on creating bespoke fitted bedrooms Warrington. So whether it is for yourself, your children’s room, or even your spare room, we can work with you to create a bedroom that encompasses all your specifications and needs.