Fitted Children’s Bedrooms

Fitted childrens bedrooms

Has your child outgrown their old bedroom?  Eventually, your child will want a new, more ‘grown-up’ bedroom and Star plan is the best place for you! Starplan aims to deliver the highest quality fitted children’s bedrooms to our customers. Space is always an important factor for a children’s room, no matter their age. We strive to maintain the aesthetic pleasure of our adult bedrooms, whilst ensuring maximum space.

Operating for over 40 years, Starplan Direct are a bedroom specialist, with a team that has the skills to tackle any bedroom. Being able to work around any limitations and specifications, our designers will bring you a bedroom to be proud of.

Starplan Fitted Children’s Bedrooms

Despite, how appealing we want our children’s bedrooms to look, sometimes we can’t help but worry about the mess they make. We understand how messy children’s bedrooms can be, however, you don’t need to hesitate to invest in a luxury décor.

Starplan Fitted Bedrooms boast a magnificent glossy appearance, a modern look to last years. With these glossy looks, you would expect them to become grubby almost instantly in a children’s room.

Thankfully for you, our fitted bedrooms are easy to clean and maintain. Only requiring a quick wipe down and frequent polishing to prolong its sparkling appearance.

As previously mentioned, our team can provide the most versatile, intricate designs. With our range of sloped bedrooms being popular, especially if you feel limited by your space. This will allow us to make the most out of your room and fitted furniture, to ensure that you are not restricted in any way.

One of the most notable parts of our versatility is our popular demand for fitted beds. Fitted Beds are very popular in children’s rooms, not just saving space but making for a unique design. These Beds will 100% ensure that your little one gets their well-needed sleep.

Popular Starplan Children’s fitted Bedrooms

On our website, we currently have three different Fitted Children’s Bedrooms to choose from.

Cashmere Gloss Kids Cabin

This type of fitted children’s bedroom offers a familiar Starplan style. Cashmere Gloss Bedrooms focus on a sparkling finish to suit the modern décor, optimised with storage in mind. Just choose the colours and the furniture – your children will never go too old for these rooms!

Burgundy Gloss Napoli Design Kids Fitted Bedrooms

Burgundy Gloss Napoli Design Kids Fitted Bedrooms are suitable for everyone: teenagers, guests, a brand-new Master Bedroom, you name it! Tailoring these bedrooms to your needs, these are an excellent way of bringing new life to your room.

Black Gloss & Maple Madrid Design Fitted Bedrooms

Black Gloss & Maple Madrid Design Fitted Bedrooms are the perfect retreats for kids. The Bright Colours give the bedroom a massive personality, whilst allowing you to bring any finishing touches. For the most out-there design, this is the option for you and your child!

Starplan Direct are your ideal candidate for any bedroom renovations in the Northwest. Maintaining full creative freedom, you and Starplan will work together to bring your child a room to be proud of. Leave the fitted bedrooms to us, and we shall work our magic on any bedroom.

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