Fitted kitchen flooring choices

Fitted kitchen flooring

When you think about all the usage your kitchen gets, you can begin to see why it’s so important that you end up choosing the right fitted kitchen flooring. Of course, it goes without saying that carpet isn’t the most suitable choice for your kitchen. But we’re here to go through other flooring options that might work in your fitted kitchens.

Fitted Kitchen Flooring options

When it comes to flooring, there’s a huge range of materials that you can choose from. And your choices tend to be based on how hard wearing you need the floor to be, your design and the budget you have to spend.

One of the most common kitchen flooring choices is vinyl. It’s water-resistant, easy to clean and scratch-resistant. You may associate vinyl with those long plastic rolls, however with today’s technology you can purchase vinyl that looks like other materials. Luxury vinyl tiles provide both style and substance. They have all the positives that come with vinyl flooring, whilst looking as stylish as possible!

You could also decide to have laminate flooring in your kitchen. Laminate is incredibly similar to vinyl, as it’s hard-wearing, scratch and water-resistant and available in a range of different colours and finishes. The only thing that you need to be aware of if you’re planning on using laminate in your kitchen, is the fact that liquid can seep under the planks if it’s left that to sit long enough. So it’s important to remember to clean up any spills or soaks as soon as they happen.

Tiles are another incredibly popular flooring choice. The only downside that comes with choosing this style of flooring is they need to be professionally installed and if you do damage or crack one, it’s a harder job to get them replaced.

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