Could you fit a kitchen island in your space?

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Kitchen islands tend to be associated with large, roomy, high end fitted kitchens. However, there are a few different types of kitchen islands which can fit into a range of kitchen types. Smaller fitted kitchens can still enjoy the benefits of an island without feeling too cramped. Here at Starplan Fitted Kitchens Showroom, we’ve put together this blog to help you decide whether a kitchen island can fit into your space. And in turn transform your kitchen into a room that can be used for both cooking, eating and socialising in.

Unusual kitchen island ideas

The traditional kitchen island tends to be long and rectangular. This is just to ensure maximum worktop and storage space in the middle of the kitchen. However, if you don’t have the floor space for a rectangle island, why not look into a square one?

To make the most of the square island, it should have an appliance built in, in order to save worktop space on the sides. The island will probably have some extra worktop space for food prep or even a small seating area. But don’t stress too much about making this area of the island too big.

Small square islands can fit into a variety of kitchens that otherwise couldn’t accommodate this extra luxury. They can also make the rest of the kitchen feel more spacious by freeing worktops from bulky but essential appliances.

If you’ve got a galley or L shaped kitchen, you might think a kitchen island isn’t for you. But have you thought about a slim line island? These narrow and long island are perfect for cooking prep and extra storage. But make sure that you have enough space around the island to move around, open drawers, cupboards etc.

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