Fitted Kitchens Bangor – top tips when it comes to making sure your kitchen matches!

fitted kitchens bangor

Your kitchen is the hub of your home, so of course, you want to make it look as good as possible. We know that we offer a range of fitted kitchens in Bangor and different finishes here at Starplan and sometimes it can be too much to decide what cabinets go with which countertop. Here are our 4 top tips when it comes to pairing up your ideal kitchen.

Keeping it simple is key.

You don’t want to go overboard when it comes to your kitchen. A stylish way to do this is by keeping the theme casual and adding pops of colour using appliances such as the kettle, toaster, coffee maker etc. It also means if you do want to change your kitchen theme in the future, you won’t need to go into too much trouble.

Start with your countertop first.

High tech appliances aside, your countertops will be one of the most expensive aspects of your new fitted kitchen. So make sure you take your time and choose something that you will be happy to look at and work on every day for the next few years at least. There are now a vast amount of countertop styles; patterned, coloured or plain. However, it’s easier to match your cabinets and flooring to your countertops than the other way around.

Use a colour palette.

Creating and using a colour palette or colour mood board for your new fitted kitchen Bangor means that you can always relate back to make sure that whatever you’re choosing or purchasing for the kitchen matches your initial kitchen idea.
If your kitchen is going to be a part of a big open plan room, then it is worth making sure that your kitchen colour palette will flow with its surroundings.

Jazz up your kitchen with accessories and accents.

Like we mentioned before, accessories and accents can really pull a kitchen together. So whether it’s something as simple as bright coloured pans or something more permanent like coloured cabinet doors, that one contrasting colour can really make a difference.

Starplan Fitted Kitchens Bangor

If you need any more help with fitted kitchens then please get in touch with one of our fantastic team. We also offer free, no obligation home design visits, so you can see your kitchen created befor your eyes!