Choosing the right colour scheme for your fitted kitchen

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Picking a colour scheme for your fitted kitchen is a massive part. Sometimes it can feel incredibly overwhelming when you’re surrounded by a huge amount of colour combinations. You have the choice of different work top colours and materials, different finishes on your doors as well as different colours and materials. Here at Starplan Fitted Kitchens Showroom, we understand it’s a massive choice and we want to give you some classic combinations that you can’t go wrong with.

Fitted Kitchens Showroom

  • Grey

This has been the ‘in’ colour for a while now and some of you might groan in displeasure at the mention of it. But there is a good reason to why grey is so in fashion. It goes with practically everything else! You can use grey as a base colour and accessories with whatever your heart desires!

There’s a huge range in greys, so you can even mix and match tones to create a neutral but tonal kitchen.

  • Earth tones

Neutral, earth and deep tones are timeless. They work especially well if you have a country home and kitchen. These tones are an easy way to bring the outside into your home, in a way that is easy on the eyes. It also works really well in small apartment kitchens for the previous reason.

  • Black

This for some might be a big no no. But we think that used right, black can really work in a kitchen. Similar to grey, it’s all about what you pair the black with. Monochrome has been gaining popularity again in the interior design industry. Black and white is a classic combination that can be used into any home. Black also looks sleek and stylish when paired with different metals including silver, copper and brass.

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