Are you making the most of your kitchen island?

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So you’ve just had a brand new Starplan fitted kitchen installed, and you’ve decided to treat yourself to a kitchen island. Now the question is, how do you make the most of it, without it just becoming another area in the house that is piled with clutter?

An island can definitely  be a focal piece in your kitchen and there are a huge amount of benefits that come with it! Here are some of our top design ideas when it comes to kitchen islands.

Fitted Kitchens Showroom

Depending on how you have designed the island, you may have a specific section which can fit seats underneath. The use of the seats means you can use it as not only a dining area, but as a breakfast bar in the morning, somewhere to set up a mini home office (which can be very useful in our current situations) or even as somewhere for the kids to set up camp and watch programs, do homework and just be close to you yet not under your feet as you cook.

Islands can have appliances installed into them, so if you have your hob, oven or even sink installed into your island, maybe you want to use the surround island space as somewhere to prep your food. Even if you don’t have any extras in your kitchen island, it’s still a fantastic addition of extra space that can be used for prepping or finishing a meal.

As well as extra worktop space, your island will also give you extra storage space. So depending on whether you had drawer installed, cabinets or anything else, you’ve still gained some extra storage space. This storage space can the be used to house some fancy new kitchen equipment that you didn’t have space for before, or even to get rid of some of the equipment that might be cluttering up your current kitchen. You might have even pushed the boat out and installed a wine cooler in there!

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Maybe you’re in the midst of planning your future dream kitchen, and why not let our design team help? They have years of experience behind them when it comes to creating your perfect kitchen. And if you’re looking for some extra inspiration, why not head down to your local fitted kitchens showroom?