Fitted Rooms : How to fit a Double Bed in a Small Room

Fitted Rooms

Fitted Rooms open up a world of different options for your bedroom interior design. As there is a lot more space you have the flexibility to move freestanding furniture and beds around into different layouts.

However, one of the reasons for a fitted room is to make a small room bigger. This can come with its own problems; for instance, how do I fit my double bed in my small room? Even with fitted furniture, it can be hard to fit such a big bed in.

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Double Beds in Small Fitted Rooms

Double Beds take up a huge chunk of space in any room. But effectively placing one in a small fitted room can be quite a task. Luckily, even with blends of fitted and freestanding furniture, there are many ways to do this.

The most common way to do it is central, making the bed the focal point of the room. Whilst effective, it isn’t the best option for space and layout. With single beds, it is a lot easier to move them, with double beds it will depend on freestanding furniture.

Alternatively, to get the most out of both space and layout it is to make the most out of storage. Shelving and under-drawer storage can be essential to getting the most out of your space. A popular way of fitting them is along the back wall of a room so that it fits perfectly.

Fitted Wardrobes at Starplan

After fitting your bed, you may decide it’s time to lose the freestanding wardrobes and invest in fitted wardrobes. And as previously mentioned Starplan has a fitted wardrobe sale UK ready for you to update your bedroom furniture. This means that you may be able to snap up a luxury wardrobe at an excellent price.

Fitted Wardrobes will save you time with cleaning and allow for much more storage space in your bedroom. Not to mention just how effective the materials are, being able to stand that test of time. Starplan is the bedroom furniture company for fitted wardrobe doors for sale.

A long-term solution in more than one sense, fitted wardrobes can easily be customised over time. If you fancy changing up the colour it is as simple as replacing the panels. Fitted Wardrobes are becoming more affordable but fortunately, Starplan has cheap fitted wardrobes for sale.

Starplan Fitted Bedroom Specialists

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