What is the difference between fitted and built-in wardrobes?

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Year on year, Fitted Wardrobes become the standard form of storage in any modern bedroom. This is all down to the fully optimised design, which has improved on traditional robes in every sense. Fitted Wardrobes at Starplan are certainly the most affordable on the UK market for the quality you are getting.

From the streamlined design saving you space to the potential for extra storage space, there isn’t a downside. This blog will quickly run you through the key information needed when it comes to considering investing.

So, if you are looking to make the jump from freestanding to fitted wardrobes Starplan is the team for you. Here we offer affordable luxury bedrooms across the UK mainland, in addition to an excellent installation team.

What is the difference between fitted and built-in wardrobes?

The first question many customers ask is: what is the difference between fitted and built-in wardrobes? In short, there is no difference between a fitted wardrobe and a built-in wardrobe. The names are used to describe the exact same wardrobe, integrated designs aiming to save space.

Despite sounding like a risk there are many advantages and ultimately won’t be a risk with professionals. Many people think it can be a big decision to build storage into your wall, but it actually adds value to your home. This also completely gets rid of bedroom layout issues, as fitted wardrobes will be partially built into your wall.

Saving space refers to both interior and exterior with a built-in wardrobe design. Making the most of the space on the inside, whilst ensuring extra floor space especially with sliding doors.

What is the average cost of a fitted wardrobe?

The cost of a fitted wardrobe will vary depending on how many doors and how big the robe is. So when pricing up the cost will vary based on

  • Size
  • Design, e.g. drawers, rails, etc
  • Doors, quantity, and style; sliding or otherwise
  • Door handles
  • Materials, e.g. laminate, plastic, hardwood, oak, exotic hardwoods, metal, etc
  • Interior design; lighting, details
  • Bespoke features like safes or locked drawers

It is also important to note that panel and sliding door prices may be different. However, we can guarantee that you get a very reasonable deal here at Starplan.

Are fitted wardrobes worth the money?

To judge built-in wardrobes objectively you have to compare exactly what you are getting compared to freestanding. In short, compared to a freestanding it is certainly worth the extra money for a long-term solution. The convenience and intricate design add value to the home in not just an economic way.

It is certainly worth the extra money for extra years’ worth of use. Not to mention how much cheaper and less likely they will need repairing and even cleaning. In short, it’s not just space you are investing in but personalisation and convenience.

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