Flat pack bedroom furniture & DIY vs Professional fitted wardrobes

Flat pack bedroom furniture

One of the things to consider when buying new wardrobes is whether you want flat-pack bedroom furniture or rigid-fitted Wardrobes. And you may be wondering if there is a difference. Today we’ll take a look at how these two types of bedroom furniture measure up. The first thing you need to know is that flat pack bedrooms are delivered as components that need to be assembled on site. Where as Rigid bedrooms are delivered fully assembled.

Is IKEA Furniture all Flat Pack bedroom furniture?

Ikea is the champion of flat-packed furniture and has been ever since the launch of its simple, stable, circular Delfi table in 1953. It would then take until 1987 for Ikea to reach the UK, opening its blue and yellow doors for the first time in Warrington.

The reason Ikea sold flat pack was it made their furniture more affordable than competitors since the company was offloading the assembly process to buyers. Which meant Ikea stores could stock more furniture than its competitors, since only the floor models needed to be fully assembled.

Additionally, the concept behind it seems great, with its cheaper than its ready-to-use furniture. Flat pack furniture is easy to dismantle and transport, highly customisable – you can paint them, and easy to carry in the house.

There’s No Wardrobe Installers Near Me

Also, if you are concerned about the lack of “fitted wardrobe fitters near me” then there’s no need to worry, you can buy your chosen flat pack, and assemble at home.

The Disadvantages of Flat Pack bedroom furniture

However, the products have limited designs as they are meant to be put together by the buyer, therefore the design is simplified as much as possible. They are much more fragile than solid furniture as they are usually made of MDF and won’t last as long as ready-to-use furniture.

The most obvious disadvantage is that most people often say flat pack furniture is hard to assemble, problematic instructions and leftover screws are the most common complaints customers seem to have. Not to mention endless hours (and arguments!) spent trying to assemble furniture.

Wardrobe Fitters Near Me

Consequently, you could find reliable and trustworthy local tradespeople, within your local area to fit your flat pack wardrobe, etc. however, it will come at an additional cost.

Looking For Custom Wardrobes Near Me

Here at Starplan, we can make choosing bedroom furniture hassle-free with our wide range of fitted wardrobes. All our bespoke fitted wardrobes start off as a plan developed by you and our expert designers. Once settled on your ideal fitted bedroom furniture, whether that’s modern with white gloss, or something more rustic in an oak finish, we can tick all the boxes.

What’s more, we then produce all fixtures, fittings and accessories made to measure for your fitted wardrobe fitters. So, you don’t need to ask the question “is there any bedroom wardrobe fitters near me,” our team will do all the demanding work, so you don’t have to!

Yes, There are Wardrobe Builders Near Me

Our Starplan stores are located all around the UK, so find a store near you!

Starplan Don’t Stop There!

Not only do we have an impressive range when it comes to planning a bedroom, but you can also choose from fitted wardrobes, sliding wardrobes, built-in wardrobes, and bespoke fitted wardrobes. In addition, you will also get a 10-year manufacturing guarantee which you don’t get with flat-pack furniture.

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