Free Kitchen Design Consultation

Free Kitchen Design Consultation

Just the thought of having to redesign your Kitchen can be daunting, especially if it’s a complete overhaul. This is due to how easily this can go wrong, so a kitchen design consultation is recommended. It’s important to note that it isn’t as simple as out with the old and in with the new, so consider a Free Kitchen Design Consultation.

What you need is a kitchen design company to take care of you and your kitchen throughout this process. This way you will be able to ensure everything is safely installed and designed to meet your specifications. And if possible a manufacturer/ supplier who will be able to cut costs and get supplies to your kitchen ASAP.

This definitely isn’t an ideal world, all of these very services can be provided by Starplan Kitchens. Starplan Direct Northern Ireland provides all the necessary support needed and more! Starting as basic as a free kitchen design consultation to set the project up for success.

What is a Free Kitchen Design Consultation and how does it help?

Generally, a Free Kitchen Design Consultation aims to establish specifications, requirements and overall needs. Talking to consultations can be a good way of understanding kitchen design, layouts and more. However, this goes both ways, as their response depends on your input and description of your kitchen.

If there is a kitchen design or a range which has caught your eye, it is most definitely worth bringing. The good thing about most modern consultations is that there is no time limit. So you can go into as much detail as you please when it comes to answering the questions.

Most importantly, both you and the consultant should have something to go off. Whether this is the exact appliances and kitchen type or still considering colour and material. Starplan move at your pace, and allow you to have enough time to gain a clear creative vision.


Free Kitchen Design Consultation: The Starplan Way!

Starplan can’t wait to get this under-way: so what can you expect from your free Kitchen Design Consultation? Consultations aren’t strictly formal, the Starplan team create a comfortable environment and aim to educate. Fortunately our team have plenty of experience working with different kitchens, so their advice is priceless.

If you haven’t already taken them down, our team can then take measurements. Every inch of your kitchen will be measured to get exact measurements.

After this our graphic design team will be able to edit together high-quality 3D images of your proposed project. Once this specific design is agreed upon the project can then be finalised.


Begin the Process now

If you are ready to begin your kitchen renovation today, get in touch with our team. Both our Bangor and Belfast stores can book your free kitchen design consultation for a time convenient for you. Then after this we can provide you with your dream kitchen design!

For any question or queries, our team is always available to discuss your kitchen. This can be anything from project & design, maintenance or a new fitted kitchen. To speak to our team simply click here.