How a gloss fitted bedroom can transform your space!

fitted bedroom

We like to keep in the loop when it comes to the up and coming fitted bedroom trends of 2019. We can tell already that minimalism is going to be big this year! And gloss bedrooms fit in perfectly with that theme.

High gloss is the perfect backdrop if you’re looking to keep your bedroom looking light, bright and minimal. Especially if you’re going with a neutral tone gloss finish. This means you can add pops of colour to your bedroom in other places and not worry about anything clashing. If you do decide to go for something a little bit darker colour-wise, try and get the wardrobes fitted as close to the windows as possible. This way you’ll increase the amount of natural light that’s coming into the room. Whilst also increasing the amount of light that will be reflecting and bouncing off the high gloss.

Fitted bedrooms are created bespoke which mean they fit your space. Even more so with sliding door wardrobes as they are floor to ceiling or wall to wall. This style creates a really seamless, high quality finish. It also means that you can maximise the amount of storage that you have, no matter how awkward your space may seem at first.

The big bonus of high gloss fitted bedrooms for us is how easy they are to clean! They have a wipe able surface and they’re moisture resistant (unlike wood) which means nothing will effect your gloss!

Fitted Bedroom

Here at Starplan Fitted Bedrooms, we like to think that high gloss fitted bedrooms are one of those styles that will be a timeless classic. It is the perfect way to create a sleek modern space in your bedroom whilst making the most of the room space and light wise. If you’re interested in upgrading your bedroom with gloss, get in touch with one of our team today!