How Fitted Wardrobes will slide right into your Modern Bedroom

fitted wardrobes

Modern Home Decors place an emphasis on fitted furniture solutions for maximum functionality. This most certainly applies to bedrooms trying to achieve this contemporary look and for practicality. Seamless integration will make for a visually pleasing appearance, built to save space for instance fitted wardrobes.

Start with Fitted Wardrobes, a simple system fit to replace your bulky freestanding wardrobe. Out of all bedroom furniture, this is by far the most popular choice to be fitted/ integrated. Above all, you definitely won’t be sacrificing style for functionality.

Starplan Direct aims to make the buying process so much easier with our reliable team.  This is carried out by our extensive planning process before bringing to life your vision. We have been providing UK customers’ bedrooms and bedroom furniture for many years.

Fitted Wardrobes in your Modern Bedroom

So, how exactly do Fitted Wardrobes slot into your Modern Bedroom interior? The fact that they don’t have to be slotted in is the biggest advantage. Freestanding Furniture allows for a limited capacity which takes up more room, whereas Fitted is the complete opposite.

Fitted Wardrobes can be fitted up to the ceiling and into the wall if necessary. This allows for much more space within the same amount of floor space. The most convenient is the fact that you can have sliding doors, so you don’t have to worry about them hitting other furniture.

Design-wise you will have a much more streamlined design, with a lot more storage space. Not to mention how you can browse until you find the colour and finish appropriate for your pre-existing interior. If you are planning for a completely new bedroom, then this is the perfect first step for maximising space.

Keep your bedroom modern with innovative designs!

This Blog has already boasted about the luxurious appearance of these wardrobes, but they are much more than this. As previously mentioned, the whole purpose of fitted wardrobes is space so we highly recommend sliding doors. This is purely for ease of access; hinged models are still available and are perhaps the option for you.

Mirrors on Wardrobes are yet another way of saving space, rather than a grand mirror that overstays its welcome. Another thing to consider is open design fitted wardrobes, ideal for shirt racks, shoes, towels, and more. To accommodate awkward layouts, corner wardrobes are worth considering, dedicating a whole corner to storage.

If you are starting from scratch with your bedroom interior, Starplan recommends investing in a completely fitted bedroom. For re-designing this will be the smartest investment long-term to get it done all at once and last decades. As a result of this, your bedroom will be all matching and will be built to last.

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