Is your fitted bedroom winter ready?

fitted bedroom

It’s cold, windy and wet. Winter is well and truly here which means spending less time out and more time in your home, and more specifically more time cuddled up in bed on those dark mornings. So of course it’s only natural to want to make your fitted bedroom as ready for winter as possible, and we’re here to make that happen!

Cosy fitted bedroom

Bedding is one of the easiest things to change alongside the seasons. Adding layers to your bedding means you have the option of pulling on more blankets if the temperature drops during the night or you can easily kick them off if you get a bit too hot but either way the option is there. Your choice of bedding is also a good way to help make you bedroom feel more cosy and comfortable. Choose rich, warm winter tones like browns, oranges and even shades of grey. These are known as calming colours, definitely something you’d like to look at as you’re drifting to sleep and waking up.

Adding some new textures can help give your boudoir a more winter like feel. Replacing your curtains for more textured material like heavy linens, faux suede or even something more blackout and heavy like corduroy is perfect to help keep both the cold and the light out.

And finally, don’t forget to add some warmth to your bedroom with something as simple as a few scented candles are perfect. You could even buy them in Christmas scents to add a touch of festive fun!

Starplan Fitted Bedrooms

We understand how important your bedroom is, it’s your special place to wind down and relax and enjoy spending time in. If your bedroom is in need of something more than some new candles and pillows, why not head down to one of our showrooms? Let us work with you to create a bedroom you’ll never want too leave!