Kitchen Cleaning Guide for the Christmas Season

Christmas is not just a festive season, it is a get-together & memory-making time with our loved ones. Christmas is incomplete without cleaning your home, especially your furniture. A crystal-clear & radiant house enlightens the ambience with the mesmerising aroma. Hence, it is vital to clean your home for an excellent impression in front of guests, so follow this Kitchen Cleaning Guide.

Let us walk you through the list of things that you must clean.

Basic Areas Cleaning

  • Cleaning the basics areas & essentials of the house
  • Wiping the front door to clean off dirt & debris
  • Use a damp mop over the kitchen floor to give a radiant look to the floor
  • Use a vacuum cleaner to ease out all the hidden dirt inside the furniture
  • Freshen the floor rugs by dry cleaning them and soak them outside in the sun can simply shake them in an open area to clean off the rug dirt
  • Clean & Wipe Down kitchen appliances, soap dish, soap dispenser, and counter worktops

List of products that must be avoided for cleaning

  • Furniture polish and wax
  • Bleach & Chlorine containing products
  • Alcohol-based & coarse cleaners
  • Coarse clothing and Abrasive Pads
  • High Ammonia containing solvents

How to clean furniture bought from Starplan Direct?

Follow the below instructions for cleaning furniture purchased from Starplan Direct:

  • Use a solution of 95% lukewarm water & 5% soap for cleaning the doors.
  • Don’t use spray for cleaning the doors of the wardrobes or kitchen drawers.
  • Use a clean damp cloth for cleaning kitchen drawers & hinges (the cloth must not be wet, it should be damp).
  • Be cautious while cleaning that any liquid should not seep through the keyhole of the wardrobes or joints of the doors.
  • Use a dry, soft, clean cloth to clean the timber door by running along the grain direction.
  • Wipe off cooking marks or spillages with a wet cloth and a laundry detergent or dish soap.

Christmas Bonanza on fitted kitchens in Northern Ireland

A Christmas season is incomplete without the Christmas offers. Starplan Direct is offering the most sensational offer on fitted kitchens in Northern Ireland that you shouldn’t miss out on. Purchase our fitted kitchens, and get up to £2000 Worth of Kitchen Accessories in December 2022 with our elegant & sophisticated range of 30 Kitchen Doors & Cabinets.

Free Design Consultation

Starplan Direct offers a customisation option where you can book a free kitchen design consultation on our website or by walking into our store. One of our kitchen designers will visit your home, take dimensions measurements, and translate your vision into a high-quality 3D image using the latest kitchen design software to give you a realistic look of how your kitchen will look. You will be invited to the store, and our kitchen designers will start working with manufacturers in our factory once you have approved the kitchen design.

Why choose us for Fitted Kitchens in Northern Ireland?

  • 8 Cabinet Colors Available
  • 30 Door Styles Available
  • Painted Wooden Doors Available
  • Fully Assembled Cabinets
  • Pre-Installation Inspection Included
  • Starplan Direct Kitchen Installation Available
  • Delivery to site available
  • 10 Year Cabinet Guarantee
  • 6 Year Door Guarantee
  • 20 Year Kitchen Drawers & Hinge System Guarantee (Subject to Conditions*)
  • 5 Year Workmanship Guarantee with our Signature Kitchen Range
  • 0% Interest-free finance options for up to 4 years

Kitchen Cleaning Guide

Have any questions? Contact us if you have any questions regarding guarantees, finance options, kitchen design consultation, or any other questions.

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