Kitchen colour blocking for beginners!

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All of us here at Starplan in our fitted kitchens showroom are predicting colour blocking to be a big up and coming trend, and what perfect room to start with than your kitchen? It’s the hub of the home and every one during their day will spend some time in the kitchen, so why not make it a fun and exciting place to be? If you need some help when it comes to what colour blocking actually is and how to do it successfully, then you’re in the right place!

What is colour blocking?

There are three different ways to colour block. The first is just using lots of different colours in the one room, think of organised chaos. Another is having one bright splash of colour in a neutral or monotone kitchen. For example, red against a white kitchen or yellow against grey. And finally, it’s using one colour across the whole of the room. Of course having an all white or all cream kitchen is technically colour blocking, but to get the full colour blocking experience we’d suggest using blues, purples or greens.

How to colour block

One of the easiest ways to colour block is to add bright appliances and furniture. You could match your kettle, microwave and toast to your kitchen chairs and stools. Or even match it to smaller accessories like storage jars, chopping boards or even cutlery and plates. This way of colour blocking works really well when it’s brighter colour set to a neutral background.

The majority of people associate colour blocking with walls and lighting. They’re both fairly simple to change, which means you can update your kitchen without a full refurb. A statement wall can make all the difference in your kitchen, and if you’re wanting to push the boat out then why not try creating a colour block pattern using a few different colours and some masking tape to create the boarders.

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If you’re really committed to the colour block trend, why not enlist our help and replace your work tops and kitchen units? Come down to our fitted kitchens showroom to see our extensive range of colours and finishes.