Are you looking to use wooden features in your fitted kitchen?

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Wooden features and finishes bring a warm and friendly feel to the kitchen and across the home. It’s definitely a staple of traditional kitchen designs but it can be used against gloss, marble or even steel to create a more modern finish. Wood can come in a range of different tones, colours and finishes which means they can be implemented just about anywhere in the kitchen. So read on to see where you could fit wood in your fitted kitchen!


This is the most common option when people think about incorporating wood into a kitchen. They’re a good choice as they’re a very durable material which only really improves with age. There’s a huge range of finishes and colours, which means you can choose something like a Beech wood to add a subtle finish to the kitchen. This style of wood is perfect for making a small kitchen feel bigger. Or you can choose an Oak or Walnut to add a more traditional feel to the kitchen.


The majority of a kitchen consists of units or cabinets, and using wood on these can create a welcoming area. Lighter woods are used to create a farmhouse/country feel whereas darker wood gives off a more modern, airy feel.


Wood flooring works well when it comes to complementing almost every kitchen design that we have in our six showrooms. Whether that’s traditional and country to ultra modern and chic, it will provide a luxurious finish. If real wood is out of the budget when it comes to your floor but you still want something as hard wearing and stylish then laminate is the next best thing. It’s highly durable and easy to clean, a really good alternative to real wood.

Starplan – Wooden Features for Kitchens

So if wood is your thing, then let us work with you to create your perfect fitted kitchen!