How to plan your ideal open plan kitchen

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As we have fitted kitchen showrooms dotted across Northern Ireland, we have a huge range of people coming in all of them asking for their dream fitted kitchen. Over the past few years we have seen a huge increase in people asking for their ideal open plan kitchen design. Of course we understand this won’t work for everyone, it all depends on the way your house is set out. But for those who are interested in an open plan style fitted kitchen, this is what you will need to take into account.

Ideal Open plan kitchens

You’ve decided to have an open plan kitchen in order for your kitchen and living room to flow nicely together, so when it comes to planning it remember to make sure it’s functional as well as family friendly. The open plan element should incorporate both living and dining in one room. When you’re planning the layout, it’s also worth thinking about where things like the tables, chairs, breakfast bars etc will be. We would suggest that you try and incorporate as much natural light in to the room as possible as well. This will help the room feel even bigger and give it a light and breezy feel.

When it comes to something like an open plan fitted kitchen, we would suggest keeping it simple and classic as to not be overwhelming. Neutral high gloss colour schemes flow so well in an open plan kitchen. If you want that extra something, why not add a pop of colour with the use of a feature wall?

If money is no object, why not go all out and knock down a few walls to make your room even bigger?

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We have kitchen specialists in our showrooms every day. So if you have any fitted kitchen questions, whether it’s about a open plan kitchen or not. Why come visit your local showroom and have your ideal open plan kitchen questions answered?