How to create a pet friendly fitted kitchen

Pet Friendly Kitchen

Pet friendly and fitted kitchens aren’t normally two phrases that go together in a sentence. But your pets are a part of the family and why shouldn’t they be able to spend time with you in a room that you spend a lot of time in. Now we’re not talking about having them up on the counter tops or anything, but just making the room a little bit more comfortable for them so they can settle and enjoy spending time with you.

A fitted kitchen space for all the family

Animals can’t completely relax unless they feel safe and comfortable in their surroundings. Why not create a little area that is specifically for them? You can create a nook for them that can be used to sleep and relax in, then when it’s not in use by your pet, you can use it as storage instead.

Talking about storage, why not have a specific cupboard just for their stuff? That means you know exactly where the food is, where all your harness, collar, leads etc are. And maybe most importantly, you know where all the treats are. We can’t guarantee that they won’t spend a lot of their time sat in front of that space!

For your ease, it’s always suggested to get dark toned finishes and easy to clean kitchen materials. Darker tones such as greys, blacks, even blues and greens are a lot more forgiving to any accidental scuffs or marks. You could even mix and match and have darker cabinets paired up with lighter work tops. This way you’ve still got a nice bright surface for light to bounce off but when your four legged friends brush across the cabinets they won’t leave any marks.

Fitted Kitchens Showroom

Here at Starplan, we want your fitted kitchen to be a room every single member of your family to enjoy. So if you think it’s time to upgrade your kitchen to make it more fur friendly, then why not get in touch with one of our fitted kitchens showroom team.