Reasons to chose bespoke wardrobes for your bedroom.

bespoke fitted wardrobes

Sometimes wardrobes or storage space can be a little bit forgotten about in a bedroom, people tend to end up spending the budget on other things such as bedding, rugs, lighting and accessories that aren’t actually essential. But a good fitted wardrobe is more than just somewhere to hang your clothes. Here are our top reasons why you should chose bespoke wardrobes for your boudoir!

  • Personalised storage solutions

If you have a room that is a funny shape and you want to make the most of it, then a bespoke wardrobe is perfect to make the most of what you have. Personalisation also means you can decide what kind of space you want. Do you need room for shoes but you don’t need as much hanging space? Do you need shelves and compartments for watches and jewellry? Well you have the choice when it comes to bespoke wardrobes.

  • Space saving

If you are struggling for space in your bedroom, then why not think about sliding door wardrobes? You don’t need that extra space in front of the wardrobe to open the doors with these. Plus the fronts can be fully customisable as well. You’re also able to make the absolute most of the space available with bespoke wardrobes as they’re built wall to wall so you have no dead space.

  • Feature wall

If you design your own fitted wardrobes, that means you can choose the finishes, materials and colours. If you go for something bold, then the wardrobe itself can become your feature wall. You’re able to let your personality and the bedroom theme shine through. Or you can go subtle and neutral to allow the rest of your bedroom to take centre stage.

Here at Starplan, whatever you’re looking for in when it comes to bedroom furniture, our bedroom designers are on hand to help!